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UCT: A 30 Year Tradition of Excellence in Sample Preparation Posters 05.06.2016
Absinthe by SPE and LC-MS/MS Posters 05.10.2016
AM2201 Metabolites In Urine Posters 05.10.2016
Analysis of 17 Mycotoxins Using UCT HPLC Column Posters 05.06.2016
Analysis of Mycotoxins By QuEChERS and LC-MSMS Posters 05.10.2016
FASt: An SPE Alternative to Dilute and Shoot Posters 05.10.2016
Carbendazim in Orange Juice Using QuEChERS Posters 05.10.2016
Comparison of Cleanup Sorbent Options for Spinach Extracts Posters 05.10.2016
Determination Of Phthalate Migration From Children's Toys Into Artifical Saliva Using QuEChERS And GC-MS Posters 05.10.2016
Determination Of Seven Problematic Pesticides In Olive Oil Posters 05.10.2016

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