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Screening Method For 121 Acidic, Neutral and Basic Drugs Using XCEL I Posters 05.10.2016
Evaluation of UCT's Selectrazyme for Forensic Applications Posters 05.10.2016
Simultaneous Extraction of Pesticides, Semi-Volatiles, and PCB Congeners Using an Universal SPE Cartridge Posters 05.10.2016
SPE Chart for Forensic and Clinical Compounds Posters 05.10.2016
Use of SPE in Horse Racing Laboratories Posters 05.10.2016
Analysis of Pesticide Residues and Mycotoxins in Marijuana using QuEChERS Extraction and ChloroFiltr® dSPE Cleanup Posters 06.26.2017
Analysis of Designer Opiates and Novel Analgesics in Urine using SPE and LC-MS/MS Posters 09.01.2017
Are You Paying Extra Money to Waste Enzyme? Posters 10.29.2018

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