Abalonase Ultra

Avoid overloading your sample with costly enzyme formulations by utilizing UCT's all-new, highly concentrated Abalonase™Ultra. With activity levels at an upwards of 150,000 units/mL, this purified, 3x concentrated Beta-glucuronidase formula can be used to quickly hydrolyze conjugated drug metabolites in human samples within minutes.

Available in clear liquid form only
Liquid Enzyme Activity ≥150,000 units/mL
Sulfatase Activity: None
Storage: +4°C to +8°C

Rapid Hydrolysis Buffer is included in every order of Abalonase™Ultra. Through use of the provided buffer, Beta-glucuronidase formulas will achieve their maximum performance. In addition, it will significantly reduce overall sample preparation times.

For international sample requests, contact your International Distributor.


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UASBETA-GLUC-10 Abalonase™ Ultra
10 mL 1
UASBETA-GLUC-25 Abalonase™ Ultra 25 mL 1
UASBETA-GLUC-50 Abalonase™ Ultra 50 mL 1
UASBETA-GLUC-100 Abalonase™ Ultra 100 mL 1
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