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XtrackT® Cited in New Psychoactive Substances Article

In a recent paper published in Drug Testing and Analysis, UCT’s Xtract® solid phase extraction sorbent was used to extract a diverse range of new psychoactive substances (NPS) from samples of waste water. Temporal trends were found in wastewater with distinct tendencies for synthetic cathinones visible over the period studied.

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UCT Flagship Sorbent Clean Screen® DAU cited in Cardiac Study

In a recent study by Guillermo Alberto Keller et al., published in Journal of Opioid Management , UCT’s Clean Screen® DAU was used to extract Propoxyphene (DPX)  and norpropoxyphene (NPX) from human plasma and analyzed by GC-MS. Plasma samples (500 µl) were treated with a strong alkali hydroxide to form NPX amide and extracted using CSDAU203. The recovery of the procedure was higher than 81%.  

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UCT’s DETA cited in Stem Cell Research Study

In a recent paper authored by Navaneetha Santhanam et al, published in Biomaterials ((2018) 166 64-78), UCT’s specialty chemical 3-trimethoxysilyl propyl diethylenetriamine (DETA), an amine-terminated alkylsilane, was employed to promote cell adhesion. This study was designed to develop and evaluate a prototype of a drug-screening platform for neuromuscular junctions at different modes of operation: presynaptic and/or postsynaptic

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